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  Ningbo Fengtianhai Industrial Co.,Ltd. govems Ningbo Fengtianhai Oxygen Supply & Purification Integrated Equipment Co.,Ltd., Sino-US Ningbo Fengtianhai Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., Fengtianhai Taiwan Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., Fengtianhai Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.,Fengtianhai Oxygen Supply & Purification Equipment Sales Office, Fengtianhai Oxygen Supply & Purification Engineering Research and Development Center and Fenghua Tianhai Locks Factory.Our company is a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province and one of the top 500 nongovernmental enterprises in the country. It specializes in designing,manufacturing and installing oxygen supply,vacuum suction and other system engineering for medical use and air and water purification systems for operating room, pharmaceutical industry,aerospace industry, electronics and scientific research as well as the development and production of electronic products such as multifunctional computerized call system used in hospital ward, transfusion hanger,LCD and electronic communication products.The LCD products and electronic communication products have attained the world leading level.Our company is also among the professional installation companies with strongest technology and largest scale in the country in the line of air supply system engineering and computerized call system for medical use.
   At present,the company has a staff of more than 400 people,including 5 senior engineers,engineers and more than 80 engineering technicians.All project managers are competent quality assurance engineers.Besides,is has 55 professional installation teams and total assets more than RMB 100 million yuan.
   Application of our products in more than 500 hospitals attests that"central oxygen supply and attraction systems" enjoy stable performance with air distribution and system tightness higher than the national industry standard and the purification project quality reaches the advanced level of the country.On such basis,our products are highly popular with numerous clients. And accordingly,we have set up offices and service centers in a dozen cities throughout the contry.
   With advanced design and technology,stable installation Fengtianhai people are ready to offer you sincere service.